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Tips & Tricks I use to Capture Your Pets Special Moments at their Best
  • People are self-conscious and awkward most of the time. For the most part, dogs are just themselves; hyper, shy, playful, etc. It’s my job to capture that.

  • Cats are not usually as well socialized as dogs, so they can take longer to warm up to the idea of strange, camera wielding guests.

  • Most pets are very eager to please and if they aren’t cooperating, it’s because they are not sure what we want. Therefore, having treats on hand to reward desirable behavior is a must! Also, keep sessions short and happy.

  • I always ask pet parents to exercise their dogs before a session. Also, bringing their pet a little hungry helps. I also make a lot of attention-grabbing noises like barking, growling, yelping, etc. I also bring a number of other noisemakers like duck calls and squeaky toys. Limiting the session to only the subjects that are being photographed also reduces distractions.

  • I always, ALWAYS, allow the pet to dictate their pace and comfort level and let pet parents know that I am not ignoring their pet, but rather reading their body language and their cues and responding appropriately.

  • Most pets when given space will eventually warm up. If they don’t, I would put on a telephoto lens, and keep them at a distance. Reactive and shy pets deserve photos too so I do my best to make that happen!

  • Even shy dogs are usually more at home in their natural environment. I look for leading lines like bridges, fences or highways. If I can, I like to include locations that are “all natural” and locations with some architecture, but it all depends on the animal I am working with.

  • If pets are interacting with a toy, or sleeping in a bed, then I’ll use it, but not just for the sake of plopping it into a photo.

  • I have had clients get more excited about their pet photos than their wedding photos and that’s when I know – those are my kind of people!